Saturday, February 23, 2013

From KL to Jakarta

We had our flight delayed for 20 minutes, not because of any flight delayed arrival, but a group of 6 people that end up left by the captain. Only 2 of them managed to get on board, 4 of them, goodbye. I can see from my window pane(flight window la), 4 of them is walking faster but 2 of them is busy taking pictures using a hi-tech camera(DSLR). Just about 20 steps more to the gateway, but because of that few seconds took takings turns, the flight door the closed.

So you should know that once the flight door closed, it's automatic locked, and cannot be opened again and again. They have password and lock system to ensure security and safety.

So people, whenever you are pass the gate-closes time, please ensure your gateway, and walk faster and of course, you can run to save your money to buy another ticket on the same day.

I think this Indonesian-operated flight is giving the guests more time to wait, sometimes, in y previous experiences,Malaysian-operated flight never waits more than 15 minutes once the gate closed. If yes, maybe you get bonus time caused by some delayed-arrive.

So, that's all for now and save the smashed-chicken (guess what?).

Selamat Sore,


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