Friday, February 22, 2013

Coffee Mania

I love coffee so much more than all of my friends around me. That's what made myself today- a fussy coffee drinker. I'm not that easy to please when it comes about coffee taste, I really really feel that is is very important for my self and other coffee fan to enjoy optimum taste, full cream and correct ratio of coffee:milk:sugar+add ons.

What I'm trying to tell you right now is coffee is a unique drink. The price tell its status and quality. Sometimes you can tell from its presentation, sometimes not. Nowadays people just like to sit in any cafe, as long as the cafe is nice, great environment, attractive interior, nice location, bla bla bla but not all of these nice cafe, make their coffee signatures great and follow the right method of how making a great coffee.

I'm sorry to let you and myself down. I tried to put a photo here of 1 cup of cappuccino that I'm enjoying now.but failed cause of this tab I'm using not compatible with the blogger photo downloader.

So, what I have here is just only this...feast your eyes please, ladies and gentlemen.

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